Crystal Palace Subway

The Crystal Palace Subway was constructed in 1865 as a gateway entrance into the High Level Station. This was originally constructed as an entryway for First Class passengers up to the original Crystal Palace structure. In 1936, a fire destroyed the High Level Station and elements of the Crystal Palace Subway station. Following, the site remained virtually abandoned for the last 10 years.

DBR London’s skilled stone masons and brick layers have been working to excavate and reconstruct the Grade II* site. This includes excavating and repurposing original stone slabs from the north and south stairs, uncovering original floor patterns, colour matching brick, mortar analysis and matching of original mortars.

This also includes matching and sourcing of new stones to match the original colours and strengths – as many of the original stones are no longer able to be quarried. The site is set to be completed and re-opened to the public by Spring 2023.


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