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Oct 11, 2022 talia Weiss


Lots of exciting updates as the Crystal Palace Subway Restoration project continues! DBR operative teams have to dismantle walls for the Subway restoration as many as possible of the original bricks are reclaimed for rebuilding. New bricks are being custom made to match the originals. Different mortar mixes are also being tried to ensure as close a match to the original as possible. Yesterday, we had the crane on site at Crystal Palace to help lift the York stone slabs into position. DBR Masons have been installing the York stone landings back into position on the stairs, with the assistance of a crane. The slabs were recovered from excavations around the entire site.

From Friends of Crystal Palace
“Reconstruction of the South Staircase is underway… The South staircase was buried for many years under soil and vegetation. The area has now been cleared, the few surviving steps and landing slabs removed, walls dismantled for strengthening works and the entire area dug out ready for reconstruction

Salvaged stone steps are being used to repair or replace damaged steps on the northern staircases and new slabs are on site ready to reinstate this southern staircase as It would have been in its heyday

The photos show the groundworks and strengthening that have taken place. Plus the remnants of where the original steps joined the wall heading up on the left. Much of the brickwork and flooring within the arched passageway leading from the courtyard to the stairs has already been cleared and repaired”


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Learn more about our CPD professional day at Crystal Palace here.



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