Winchester Palace, Clink Street

In Clink Street, Southwark, near the cathedral, stands the ruin of one of the grandest and most important buildings in medieval London: Winchester Palace.

Built in the twelfth century for the then Bishop of Winchester Henry of Blois, who was the grandson of William the Conqueror and brother of King Stephen, it remained a high-status residence for the Bishops of Winchester for hundreds of years. Now, after the fire in 1814 which almost destroyed it, all that remains are the impressive walls of the Great Hall and a magnificent rose window which, adorning the west gable, sheds light on the former glory of the Palace.


DBR London was commissioned by English Heritage to carry out conservation of the ruins of the Palace including structural strengthening using cintec anchors, infilling masonry voids with Woodkirk stone layers and repointing in hydraulic lime.

The masonry was also cleaned using the Jos wet vortex system, friable masonry consolidated and sheltercoated, and weathering ledges protected with discreet lead cappings.


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