St. Peter's Church - Leadwork

St Peter’s Church is also known as the “Sele Priory Church” and was for many centuries a Benedictine Priory. and home to Upper Beeding’s St. Peter’s Church – Leadwork project.

The Parish of Beeding & Bramber with Botolphs (Church of England). It was almost completely demolished and rebuilt in 1307 – 1308. The church was an early part of Tractarianism, and under the influence of the Oxford Movement it has long stood in the “country catholic” tradition.


DBR Leadwork carried out extensive roof repairs to the tower and nave gutter. The project also included consolidation works and roof covering repairs. Upon the removal of the Horsham stone roof tiles, structural timber repairs were made to ensure the integrity of the construction’s strength before the weighty salvaged stone was re-laid.

The wall plate and rafters were repaired using English oak with scarf joints and reinforcing stainless steel shoes.

The Horsham stone was re-laid with slate under cloaking and the gutters reformed in code 8 lead.


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