Hampton Court Palace, Leadwork

Hampton Court is a Royal Palace in the London borough of Richmond upon Thames, although it has not been inhabited by the royal family since the 18th century.

Major building work began in 1515 to create a sumptuous palace for Cardinal Thomas Wolsey, King Henry VIII’s Lord Chamberlain. But by 1529, Wolsey had fallen out of favour and the King seized the palace for himself. In the next century, King William III embarked upon a vast rebuilding and expansion programme of the Palace with Sir Christopher Wren.

Today, the Palace incorporates two distinctive architectural styles – domestic Tudor and Baroque – and is a major tourist attraction.


DBR Leadwork was in charge of the complete renewal of the roof dome at Hampton Court’s Ann Boleyn Gate. Exact replicas of existing details were reproduced with sand cast lead sheets, and new sections were made in the onsite workshop.

All existing unusable lead material was recast to produce the new sheeting material.

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