English Heritage's Statues & Memorials

For over a decade, DBR London has maintained forty-seven English Heritage’s Statues and Memorials such as The Cenotaph, The Royal Artillery Memorial, and Marble Arch, all under the custodianship of Historic England.

A long term association with English Heritage resulted in DBR being made responsible for the cyclical cleaning and fabric repair on its 47 statues and memorials in London ranging from the Cenotaph to George Washington and James II outside the National Gallery. Other important areas include statues in Belgravia, Waterloo Place, the rest of the statues in Whitehall and Marble Arch. Our work includes cyclical maintenance, conservation repairs, graffiti removal, and ceremonial refreshing to ensure they are in an exemplary condition for public events.

Twice a year, in the Spring and Autumn, all of the statues and memorials are cleaned according to varying regimes which include attending to the maintenance of the bronze-work, cleaning and re-waxing. The state of the fabric is inspected and the results are provided to English Heritage for repairs to be authorised or major repairs budgeted for future action.

Take a look at an example of this kind of conservation, with The Cenotaph on Instagram.

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DBR London recently received the Royal Warrant in recognition for quality and excellent service, which can be understood in detail here.

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