Chancton Farm

Upper Chancton Farm is a cluster of agricultural buildings in Wiston Estate, West Sussex, dating back to 1721.

The farmhouse gable end, built of French limestone and ironstone, had suffered from years’ of severe erosion and structural instability. The property required a complete dismantle of 2 original, adjoining walls making up the corner South Elevation and Gable end of the building.


DBR Southern carried out investigations to determine the best way to stabilise the masonry but the extensive voids and its construction design demanded that the team completely dismantle of the gable end as well as part of the south elevation.

Engineered scaffold was required to support the roof internally during this extensive restoration work. Prior to rebuilding the masonry, the introduction of new concrete footings provided a secure foundation.

The walls were reconstructed using carefully salvaged French Limestone and Ironstone. During construction, the walls were adapted in compliance with modern building standards to incorporate insulation and internal skin block work.

Satisfactory completion of the project has since resulted in further works being awarded to our Southern Team.


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