Mobile Banker Shop

Aug 22, 2023 talia Weiss


DBR London's team have created mobile banker shops - have you seen them?

Great to see DBRs new mobile Bankershop (masonry workshop) in use at Trafalgar Square incorporating Airbench triple dust filtration technology for the containment of dust at source when cutting and shaping stonework for conservation projects.

This mobile banker shop serves two purposes for our highly-skilled masonry team:

? This aids project management with the masonry works on Trafalgar Square, including cutting stone indents in the damaged York stone slabs. Typically, this work would be tented , however can be time consuming and costly. With the mobile banker shop, the York stone slabs can be cut directly on an Air Bench on site, ready to be fixed.

? This shop aids in DBR’s commitment to reducing dust in public areas, this controlled banker ship reduces dust in the air by 80%!!


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