Trafalgar Square is a public square in the City of Westminster whose name commemorates the great British naval victory, the Battle of Trafalgar.

It originally contained the King’s Mews and after George IV moved to Buckingham Palace. The area was later redeveloped by John Nash.

Its public sculptures include: Nelson’s Column guarded by four lions at its centre as well as other statues including the “Fourth Plinth,” empty since 1840 but since 1999 host to contemporary art.

The fountains, originally created in 1845, were designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens without the sculptures. These were simply intended to take up space so that less would be available for riots. In 1935, plans were approved by Parliament to add the sculptures of mermaids and mermen by William McMillan and Sir Charles Wheeler.

Due to its prominent central location, the site is frequently used for public meetings, political rallies, demonstrations, and celebrations.


DBR London has been the historic fabric maintenance contractor on this square for over ten years undertaking regular cleaning and inspections of the masonry, bronze statues, iron decoration, and joinery. DBR’s job is to ensure that the square is maintained to the highest standard for public use.


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