Hibberts Almshouses Nears Completion

Dec 09, 2022 talia Weiss


The Hibberts Almshouses were constructed by Sarah and Mary Ann Hibbert, daughters of William Hibbert, the Almshouses were built for women out of the Ancient Parish of Clapham in 1859. Scaffold has recently been removed from the Hibberts Almshouses, 715 Wandsworth Road, allowing a full view of our efforts. Working closely with Sherry Bates of Bates Zambelli Chartered Architects and the Hibbert’s Trustees, our DBR site team, led by site manager Matthew Gibbons and Contracts Director Brendan Foley, have carried out repairs to the roof and the facades. Roof works have included the reintroduction of the missing Tower finials alongside the replacement of defective leadwork and slating. Masonry repairs included the replacement of defective carved corbels.

DBR have carefully repaired the façade and this has included the replacing of defective stonework

Due to space limitations and dust and noise concerns, it is not conducive to work stone on site. The majority of the new stone was masoned at the quarry, with all architectural details first carefully recorded and measured by our draughtsman, to ensue all original details were correctly replicated

However, some of the carved stones were worked on site, this to allow our carver the benefit of closely inspecting existing carved details to inform the carving of new.

An example of this is the replacement of one of the H motif roundels. We first cut the new stone to the correct ‘blank’ outline shape and then installed. Our carver then, through study of the adjacent H motifs, set out in pencil and then using masons chisels carved the required design

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