Stonework is the core activity of DBR London and DBR Southern, and we are a leading specialist in the field.

Our skilled masons can carry out a range of conservation techniques to preserve, consolidate and restore historic stone.



Delicate and friable historic fabric is consolidated with hydraulic lime and lime putty repairs, and the application of shelter coats. Chemical consolidants can also be used where traditional techniques are not possible.



DBR is extremely experienced at indenting using geologically appropriate stone, hand-carved to neatly fit into the area of eroded masonry. Additionally, elements that are beyond repair can be replaced with new blocks worked to match the original craftsmanship.


Mortar Repairs

DBR can carry out mortar repair using lime putty and hydraulic lime to recreate lost detailing. Mortar repairs can be made to match the original stone’s colour and texture by using appropriate sieved sands, stone dust, pozzolans, earth pigments and appropriate binders.



DBR is skilled at repointing all stonework whether it is natural or cast stone, ashlar or profiled masonry, random or coursed ragstone. Again, our mortars are carefully matched with aggregates and binders such as lime putty, hydraulic lime, or weak cement for 20th-century construction. Unburnt lime and ash can be added to match historic mortars.


New Stone Construction

DBR also carries out new stone constructions, such as cantilevered staircases, access ramps, extensions to historic buildings, pavilions, orangeries and new monuments.

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