Canterbury Cathedral

Founded in 597, Canterbury Cathedral is one of the oldest and most famous Christian structures in the country.

One of the oldest buildings in the UK, Canterbury Cathedral is of-ten described as ‘England in stone’ as its history is intrinsically linked to the country’s history. The origins of the cathedral go back to 597AD when Augustine, sent by Pope Gregory the Great, arrived on the coast of Kent as a missionary. Today, it is the seat of the Arch-bishop of Canterbury, the leader of the Church of England, and the symbolic leader of the worldwide Anglican Communion.


In 2015, DBR Leadwork replaced the roof covering of the northwest transept of the Cathedral with new Code 8 sand cast lead sheeting, an exceptional service as it incorporated the standing seam welts that are unique to Canterbury Cathedral.

Additionally, DBR Leadwork was responsible for a substantial amount of specialist carpentry, which included replacing all of the oak wall plates and rafters, scarf repairs to the rafter feet, and the replacement of purlin beams.


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