Brighton Dome, Royal Pavilion Estate

The Price of Wales (later King George IV) commissioned the Brighton Dome between 1803-1808. His taste for flamboyant fashions, outlandish architecture and mistresses are all well documented and included in the Dome’s history.

The Princes project would take five years to complete at a staggering cost of £54,783. At the time, this cost equated a small fortune. The project almost bankrupted the Prince in the process. This resulted in the the King having to appeal to Parliament to clear his son’s debts.


DBR Southern was commissioned in 2016 to carry out he Royal Pavilion high level masonry conservation works. The scope comprised of the Northern part of the East elevation Tented Roof, Onion Domes, Minarets and surrounding fabric. Dome conservation work included steam cleaning to remove algae and guano, remodelling of the ornate stucco decoration in hydraulic lime and the repair of the fiberglass pinnacle cappings. The works included extensive masonry replacement to the minarets and Jali screens carried out by our in house stone masons. A carving workshop was specifically set up on site to carry out templating and hand modelling of Hartham Park Bath stone block. DBR also undertook decorations to windows and stucco work including lime stucco repairs.

DBR Southern completed this masterful project in 52 weeks.

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