Facade Cleaning

DBR is highly skilled in the cleaning of all types of historic buildings, statues and monuments, as well as more recent building fabric.

We understand that facade cleaning is a fine balance between removing pollutants and biological growth while retaining a patina. Most facades require a combination of techniques due to the types of soiling, the type and orientation of the masonry as well as previous cleaning regimes.

Our team has extensive experience in the following techniques to provide a sympathetic approach:

  • Nebulous water sprays
  • Jos & Torc wet vortex abrasive
  • Doff steam cleaning
  • Thermatech steam cleaning
  • Hodge Clemco air abrasive
  • Micro abrasive
  • Latex cleaning
  • Controlled chemical poulticing
  • Graffiti removal
  • Paint removal

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Facade Cleaning

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