Parliament Square Garden, designed by Sir Charles Barry in 1868, is part of an open green area at the northwest end of the Palace of Westminster.

It features trees, statues of statesmen and other notable individuals. As well as being one of London’s main tourist attractions, it is also a place where many demonstrations and political protests are held.


DBR London has been the historic fabric maintenance contractor on this square for over ten years undertaking regular cleaning and inspections of the masonry, bronze statues, iron decoration, and joinery. DBR’s job is to ensure that the square is maintained to the highest standard for public use.

Parliament Square needed to be brought back to an exemplary condition to make it worthy of its Listed Grade 2 status, being set in a Conservation Area and part of the Westminster World Heritage Site. In order to achieve this, the aim and objective of this stand-alone project was to restore the hard landscape by replacing broken and cracked paving stones with the appropriate and correct material and in so doing re-establishing the original paving design pattern in places where this has been spoilt by using inappropriate material. This has the effect of restoring the visual appearance of the Square and enhances the visitor experience. The work included extensive stone paving replacement, indenting, stonework cleaning, some small drainage works and soft remedial landscape work

Additional DBR London projects in Parliament Square include: the erection of two new statues of Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi, and the lifting and re-leveling of the Square’s stone paving.


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