Historic Flooring

DBR has been awarded many high profile historic tiling and paving projects such as the Palace of Westminster, Victoria & Albert Museum, Old Royal Naval College, Westminster Abbey, Trafalgar Square and Parliament Square and St Bartholomew’s Church in Smithfield.

The maintenance of tiled and paved floors in historic buildings is an essential part of a responsible conservation programme.

As historic fabrics and floors receive a great deal of wear and tear, through general building use, heavy visitor footfall, vehicle traffic, inadequate drainage and ground movement.

DBR’s highly skilled teams are experienced repairing, conserving and replacing the fabric of historic floors. Our targeted approach allows us to carry out the work with minimal disruption and sensitivity to adjacent historic fabric and works of art. We have an exacting methodology in setting out detail to achieve a harmonious appearance. And we have vast experience sourcing suitable replacement tiles and selecting of appropriate bedding and pointing mortars.

DBR can also provide completely new flooring within historic settings using traditional materials.

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