Parliament's Encaustic Tiles

Aug 01, 2022 talia Weiss


After nearly a decade, DBR has completed the conservation and restoration of the Encaustic tiles of the Palace of Westminster. Encaustic tiles became popular in abbeys and royal palaces from France in the beginning of the 13th century. These distinguished tiles were chosen to adorn the halls of the Palace of Westminster by talented Gothic Revivalist, Augustus Welby Pugin during the reign of King Henry VIII.

DBR’s talented stonemasons and conservators undertook this conservation project from 2013 until this year. Almost a decades long conservation effort to restore the entire 1500 square-metre space consisting of 50,000 salvaged and new tiles. Due to DBRs’ wonderous efforts, the floors of St Stephen’s Hall, Central Lobby, Peers Lobby, Royal Gallery Lower Waiting Hall and numerous corridors of the Palace of Westminster are restored to their original glory.

Commenting on the process, Adrian Attwood, Executive Director of DBR, says, “As it receives nearly a million visitors per year, the Palace of Westminster required high-quality restoration work which would involve replicating the exact original design of the tiles and ensuring they would remain intact for as long as possible.


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DBR London recently received the Royal Warrant in recognition for quality and excellent service, which can be understood in detail here.

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