DBR Net Zero - Mission Statement

Jan 24, 2023 talia Weiss


DBR ltd. is known for championing the adaptive reuse and sustainable development of historic buildings through carefully conserving and restoring heritage fabric.  The buildings DBR works with continuously teach us about the resilience of built heritage and adaptation possibilities.  

Every day, we at DBR see first-hand how historic buildings must adapt and transform to cope with their changing environment and climate. Alongside our sustainable development mission for built heritage, we aim to reduce our carbon emissions, to change our daily practices where possible to become more sustainable, and empower and educate where possible while completing these missions. This resulted in the inception of DBR Net Zero.  

DBR Net Zero is pursuing climate action through the integration of sustainable development of historic structures, our approach to conservation and promise of enacting greener practices.  

Through adopting best practice and attainable green goals like carbon mapping, site waste-management and reduction, bio-material alternatives, and fuel monitoring, we aim to become fully net zero by 2030. Our carbon footprint is already low for the industry we are in, which paves a path for attainable goals and significant improvement to our green practices. 

We are committed to the sustainable future of our built heritage and our organisation. We aim to achieve this goal through improving the social, economic, and environmental wellbeing of our heritage assets through our employee’s engagement and company initiatives at preconstruction, construction and post construction phases.  

We commit to measuring our output, assessing our supply chains and taking the crucial steps needed to reach net zero. 

We commit to promoting conservation in restoration and environmental sustainability. We aim to empower, educate and inspire the future of sustainable conservation among our workforce and to the public.  

We commit to prioritising the current traditional skills-gap and encourage the use of traditional and sustainable crafts. We will do this through active encouragement and training with apprenticeship programmes.  

Sustainability is at forefront of every decision that is made by us, working together across the company to create a more viable future.  

We are dedicated to advancing knowledge and inspiring everyone to experience excellence in understanding of our cultural heritage. We aim to preserve and share our historic estates, churches and monuments to serve as a resource for educational cultural and recreational enrichment. With this, we can foster understanding in historic conservation by documenting, interpreting and restoring our historic past.  

Through these commitments, DBR ltd. Is playing our part in making sure the past has a future. 

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