St. Thomas' Chapel

Originally located in Southwark, but based in Lambeth since 1871 St Thomas’ Hospital has provided healthcare freely or under charitable auspices since the 12th century.

It is one of London’s most famous hospitals, associated with names such as Florence Nightingale and Sir Harold Ridley, and a prominent London landmark – largely due to its location on the opposite bank of the River Thames to the Houses of Parliament. The Chapel, a Grade II Listed building, lies within the three remaining Victorian pavilion blocks.


In 2015, DBR Conservation worked with DBR London on a total makeover of the Chapel, removing the heavy handed refurbishment from the 1980s, and returning it to the original Victorian decorative scheme.

This entailed a comprehensive paint analysis of the various architectural elements to identify the original colours, paint types, as well as the locations of the original gilding. Once established, DBR Conservation carefully recreated the scheme with extensive regilding and casein distemper paints.

Additionally, DBR Conservation was in charge of the conservation of all of the Chapel’s monuments, which allowed us to work on a wide variety of materials including marble, alabaster, terracotta, copper, brass, gilded wood and a large lunette oil painting.

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