The Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn 13-15 Old Square

The Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn 13-15 Old Square is a place of work for lawyers, barristers, and is also home to several residents.

DBR’s work comprised of a design scaffolding including a water tight UBIX roof, DOFF cleaning, handmade specialist carved bricks for brick replacement to stacks, complete replacement of Leadwork and Westmorland slate, installation of new access roof ladder system, Cintec stabilisation works to gables, repair and decoration to windows, as well as the dismantle and rebuild of stacks and gables.

To ensure works progressed smoothly our full-time site foreman liaised daily with Chambers. Prior to works commencing we carried out ‘drop in’ sessions with Chambers to discuss the forthcoming works. This was informative and allowed an understanding of all stakeholder considerations and benefited greatly our relationship with the building users and tenants. This was a large, project with up to 40 operatives on site at any one time, sequencing this job was crucial to avoid trades clashing.


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