DBR Celebrates 30 Years

Reflecting on 30 Years of Continuous trading having worked on some of our country's most loved architectural landmarks

From our roots as a ‘start up’ masonry business operating from a small single room office in Peckham, to todays multi million pound leading conservation company, based in Westminster, we have travelled a 30 year journey through the streets of London, working on thousands of historic buildings in the capital. Our work has expanded to major landmarks in the UK including Cathedrals, parochial churches, historic houses, palaces and country estates.

Our conservation teams have worked on some of the UKs most iconic buildings, monuments and estates including Nelsons Column, Big Ben, Royal Albert Hall, Buckingham Palace, Chichester Cathedral, Royal Pavilion and the Parliamentary Estate and we continue to strive for excellence and innovation in our sector.

Our backbone for 30 years has been the skill & loyalty of our craftspeople, without whom the company would not hold the reputation it has today. We are committed to continuing those skills with a new generation of enthusiastic and talented craftspeople. To achieve this our campaign:

Year of the Master Craftsperson (YMC) 2022

is DBR’s future proofing legacy initiative to continue the skills that have kept our company in business for the past 30 years. The YMC campaign will champion our master craftspeople and will allow our industry to continue to maintain our country’s rich architectural cultural heritage.

We look forward to the next 30 years with energy, enthusiasm and bucket loads of passion.

Adrian Attwood
Executive Director

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