February 23rd, 2018

DBR London Hosts Weymouth College

In January this year, DBR London hosted a very successful tour of the Palace of Westminster’s Courtyard Conservation Project for members of Weymouth College.

The tour gave the College’s students, tutors and technicians the chance to see the craft of stone masonry in practice in the prestigious environment of the Palace of Westminster, a UNESCO world Heritage Site.

Please see the photos below.

A (1)Foreman mason Mattew Cussell describes the intricate nature of some of the tracery window replacements.

A (2)Dave Taylor, long standing member of the Westminster team, is on hand to escort the group of students,  tutors and technicians.

A (3)Matt gives a detailed description of how we fix the ashlars with the use of four “moused” stainless steel dowels.

A (4)Max Lawson demonstrates the cutting out of stone to be replaced.

A (5)Kenny Ryan demonstrates some very neat tooling of the ashlar to match the original work.

A (6)The newly refurbished banker shop is essential to work stone on-site, controlling the dust with extraction.

A (7)As well as being site manager on Elizabeth Tower, part of Ben Newman’s role is to liaise and foster relationships with the training colleges which will benefit the industry as well as DBR.

A (8)The tracery windows seen earlier are viewed from inside where DBR London is continuing their work on the  Encaustic Tile Project.


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